Lucille Eichengreen survived the Lodz Ghetto, Auschwitz, Neuengamme, and Bergen-Belsen to identify and testify against her former Nazi captors. 
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You can now purchase Lucille's newest book  Haunted Memories - Portraits of Women in The Holocaus published by Publishing Works,  Inc. 

Numerous memoirs have helped shed light on the horrors of Nazi Germany, but none have offered the heartbreaking sincerity and careful consideration of womenís experiences that Lucille EichengreenísHaunted Memories: Women in the Holocaust details.

Eichengreen offers a thorough and heartfelt look at the female experience of the Nazi camps. Telling the tale of her own survival, Eichengreenís work explores all the women she encountered, from the empowered female SS guards to the prisoners who were forced to trade sex for food. With unwaveringly straightforward prose, Eichengreen isnít afraid to expose the heartbreaks of her close allies or the brutality of the Jews, prisoners, and women she thought she could rely on.

You can buy From Ashes to Life and Rumkowski : And the Orphans of Lodz  published by Mercury House at your local bookstore. Even better, click on From Ashes to Life or Rumkowski : And the Orphans of Lodz to order immediately from Books.

Lucille Eichengreen is one of the survivors interviewed in the series Auschwitz: Inside The Nazi State being aired on PBS from January 19, 2005 to February 2, 2005 . A transcript of this program can be found at Here Lucille describes being deported from Hamburg, Germany, in 1941, when her family received a letter directing them to report to the train station in 24 hours. She describes her first impressions of the Lůdz ghetto, and what it was like to live there, unable to trust anyone, and surviving through connections and barters. She was later sent to Auschwitz, Neuengamme and Bergen-Belsen from which she survived.

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If you are visiting Berlin, please be sure to visit the new  Jewish Museum Berlin. In the Rafael Roth Learning Center, you will find an in depth story of Lucille Eichengreen.










 In From Ashes to Life: My Memories of the Holocaust, she tells the inspirational story of her life, beginning with her first awareness of the growing hostility toward Jews during her childhood in Hamburg, and ending with her new family and new life in the United States. It was a journey that began in 1933, when she was eight years old, a journey along which she suffered the horrible deaths of her father, mother, and sister.

From Ashes to Life details the demanding physical labor, frequent beatings, meager food rations, and frightful living conditions Lucille endured in the Lodz Ghetto, and later in the concentration camps.

In an act of quiet resistance, she memorized the names of forty-two Germans who operated several of the death camps. Her remarkable memory made her one of the most effective postwar trial witnesses.

This book is also available in German.

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Rumkowski : And the Orphans of Lodz
is a chilling account of a young womanís experiences in the notorious Lodz Ghetto. The ghetto was lorded over by Chaim Rumkowski, Nazi-appointed Jewish Elder of Lodz and former head of the orphanage. Many have long hailed Rumkowski as a hero who did the best he could leading his community through the worst of circumstances. Now Lucille Eichengreen shares, with firsthand evidence, how Chaim Rumkowski flouted his authority through collaboration, corruption, and the abuse of its children.

If the idolators say: "Hand over one of you and we will kill him; or we will kill all of you." Then let all be killed but do not hand over even one soul of Israel.

From the Mishnah Torah by Maimonedes

"Formidable in its authority. It crashes in on the reader with absolute authenticity; one knows instantly that nothing here is 'made up', everything has been seen, smelled, endured, suffered ... I am harrowed by it ... the truth-telling, the economy, the spare moral cry of it." - Cynthia Ozick, author, The Shawl